Dry day calendar

Let's keep drinking happily


Simple to manage day off


You can record the daily drinking record on the calendar by dividing it into three types of "Dry Day", "Normally", "Too Much".


Just touch any day with the calendar and pick the icon.


You can share your calendar with SNS.


Pictogram expresses your health condition with comments and pictures.


You can set your favorite background according to your mood.

Day of the week

You can set the beginning of the calendar week.


Let's try this usage

Let's keep on drinking records and grasp how much of a week's Dry Day is taken.

Let's review the drinking habit if the day of rest is not well taken.

Let's take a Dry Day at least twice a week.

There are also ways of using the heart in advance on the day you decide not to drink and planning for the week.

Let's drink the appropriate amount on a drinking day.

In addition to taking a rest day, the proper amount of drinking is also important.

Even if you have a rest day, you will have to pay a load on your organs if you drink a lot on other days.

Let's think that the pictogram is yourself, or your organ icons!

If you keep drinking you will lose your energy and will restore it if you take a rest day.

※ Comments and designs are just an image. Please note that it is different from the actual state of yourself.

Share your calendar day on SNS!

By showing them to friends etc, motivation will rise or self-control will work.